2025 Silver Fox Nationals aka FoxCon

Information on Weekend Events and Registration for the Show

The idea behind FoxCon is to create an intimate community setting to showcase our animals with fellow enthusiasts who share the same passion and dedication for this particular breed as we do. We want to display all traits of this breed with an outstanding showing of animals in normal show room classes, as well as meat classes (fryer, roaster, stewer, etc.) and other fun classes and events. We want to further breed knowledge by hosting educational seminars by experienced breeders, judges, fanciers, and others relevant to the hobby. We strive to support our youth with planned youth contests & fun classes. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen our Silver Fox family, and what better way than to host a show exclusive to our wonderful breed?!

The BOD has received 3 bid locations to host the FoxCon 2025. We have outlined the options in a comparison chart for easy review of items to consider. Votes can be placed at NSFRC booth.

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Weekend of Events - Coming Soon...........