National Silver Fox Show Sanction Request Form

Please NOTE: 3% PayPal fee will be added to all online entries making Sanction total price $7.75.

Directions: Complete this form for each show. (A double show would require two forms). Return this form no less than 30 days before the show date (POSTMARK or email confirmation). The NSFRC will accept sanction requests no less than 15 days before a show date (POSTMARK or email confirmation) but must be paid by CASH, MONEY ORDER, PAYPAL or BANK DRAFT only. We will not be responsible for sanctions being lost in the mail or email. Check with us if you have not received your sanction. No sanctions will be issued less than 15 days before the show date.

NOTE - RETURN address for Show Reports has changed!! Please return reports to

IMPORTANT! Show Results MUST be received no later than 30 days after the show!!


Is this a specialty show?:    Yes     No

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ARBA Sanction:  OPEN      YOUTH
Is this a request for a free sanction?    Yes     No

Please Note: If this is a request for a free sanction, you must provide the date for last year's show and the ARBA sanction number(s) for that show.

Will show report be computer generated?    Yes     No

Please Note: If show results will be computer generated, we will email sanction numbers in lieu of sending report forms. Computer generated reports must provide the following in addition to placements:

  • Total number entered in each class
  • Total number entered in breed
  • Ear Numbers
  • Complete exhibitors listing with addresses

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