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When you become a member of the National Silver Fox Club you receive:

  • The Official Silver Fox Guidebook (free with 3 year membership - reduced price for 1 or 2 years).
  • The NSFC Newsletter published by the Publications Committee
  • Membership Card(s)
Your membership dues are used to provide for Sweepstake Sanctions at ARBA sanctioned shows and to offer special awards to members of the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club, as well as promote and publicize information about the Silver Fox Rabbit.

    Membership Fees:
  • Single Adult- $10/yr
  • Youth - $7.50/yr
  • Husband/Wife (or 2 Adult Party) - $12/yr
  • Family - $12/yr + $3 each addt'l individual

  • PLEASE NOTE: PayPal fee of 10% will be added for online applications

I hereby apply for membership to the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club, a National Specialty Club chartered by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, and enclose the membership fee:

NOTE: Guidebook ($30 value) included free with 3 year membership. $10 discount on one copy of the guidebook for one or two year memberships.

By submitting my application online I agree if accepted, to abide by your Constitution and By-laws, and further the interest of the Silver Fox Rabbit every way possible.

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