2024 ARBA Convention

Information Specifically for the NSFRC at the convention

NSFRC invites you to visit the Booth: October 26 to 30

NSFRC Convention Merchandise

The NSFRC Marketing committee is working on items for sale now for convention...
Sneak peak at the new items coming soon...

NSFRC Youth Activity

The NSFRC Youth committee is planning a youth activity...

Silver Fox Judging: Sunday - October 27 AM

NSFRC Club Meal: Sunday - October 27, 6 PM

NSFRC General Membership Meeting: Monday - October 28

Blue Certificate of Development: Tuesday - October 29

Blue Variety Judging: Tuesday - October 29, 8 AM

Silver Fox Benefit Auction: Tuesday - October 29, 1 PM

NSFRC Silent Auction: Tuesday - October 29, 1 pm

FoxCon 2025

NSFRC Board of Directors (BOD) Message

Come visit your BOD's at the booth. They are there to serve the membership, answer any questions and listen to the great ideas members want to pass on to make the club better than ever.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Show...